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Jesse and Leanne | Love Story


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Your very own online PASS gallery!

You can send this site to anyone you like so they can view and download! If you have not been notified that you are a registered VIP of the gallery, you can still download your favorite images right from this site! Simply click on "pass gallery", then click on the image you would like to download, and use the "download" icon (arrow pointing down to a line) beneath the photo and PASS will save it on your computer! :)

For registered PASS VIP's to download ALL the high resolution images at once - do this and they are all yours :)

1. Go to "Download Pass"
2. Click Install - Install onto your computer
4. Once it is installed, sign in with facebook
5.Once you are logged in, you will see the full gallery displayed. Click the "download" button on the bottom left of the screen. It looks like an arrow pointing down to a line. Its as easy as that! [:)]

-This will download all the photos to your desktop in a folder called Jesse & Leanne | Engagement MCP. You can now burn these to a disc, print them, and do whatever you like with them! [:)]

- You can do this download as many times as you like on as many computers as you want to for 1 year! You can also download the PASS app for your iphone and ipad to have instant access at your fingertips :)

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