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{Adding photos to Facebook via PASS gives you faster uploading times, and better quality, while linking the image back to this site so your friends & family can view and download their favorites if they want to! It's GENIUS and SO easy!}

To upload photos to an existing facebook album (or to create a new facebook album), here's the trick! ;) ...

1. Go to Pass Gallery on this website
2. Click the STAR Icon
3. A gray bar will pop up- Login with your facebook information

4. Click on a photo you want to upload to facebook in the pass gallery (so it is opened up big) - Then, click on the star indicating that that has been selected as a "favorite" (the star should turn yellow) -

5. "Favorite" all of your photos that you want in the facebook album

6. Once you are finished, go back to the gray bar and click on the top right option, "favorites" - You should see all of the selected photos there. (Sometimes you may need to refresh your browser to make them show up)

7. Then click the option below, "SHARE" - Here you can connect to your facebook and either add a new album, or add to an existing album.

Doing it this way gives you much faster upload times, and all the images a photo credit when they are posted! The quality is also WAY better than going through the regular facebook uploader! {It will upload them full screen! SO cool! :)} Anyone can upload to facebook using this tool- so have at 'er! ;)

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